Bursitis From Running

Dr.Murray Weisenfeld in The Runner's Repair Manual, gives treatment for two kinds of bursitis.


Anterior Metatarsal

Anterior metatarsal is pain between the toes and the point where they connect to the foot (metatarsal head). The pain is not an injury to the toes. "You're coming down too hard on that area." You can feel the pain by feeling between the toes and the metatarsal head. The problem can be caused by shoes and by foot imbalance. Dr. Weisenfeld, explains in his book how padding can be added to your shoes, and he gives an exercise to strengthen your toes.
The cure is to put padding behind the heads of the metatarsals. This puts some cushioning around the hetatarsal heads, so you won't be slamming down on them so hard.
Where should you put the cushioning? Bend your toes back and press till you find the spots that hurt. Now tape the padding behind those spots. (Behind, meaning in the direction of the heel.)
Another way to take pressure off the metatarsal heads is to lower your heels. If you're a woman, stop wearing high heels until the pain clears up. (The Runner's Repair Manual, p. 106)
Weisenfeld made additional comments about padding that I haven't given due to the book being copyrighted.


Inferior Calcaneal

Bursitis and heel spurs "usually occur together, and the treatment for them is exactly the same." Weisenfeld devotes several pages to heel spurs, and if you're having pain on the bottom of your foot, you would be well advised to get his book and read his discussion, especially since he says that you probably can't solve the problem yourself and will likely need treatment from a podiatrist. He suggests you try his "home treatment" suggestions before going to a podiatrist.

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sdrunner said...

These types of injuries are one of the worst since you're pounding on your feet the whole time you're running.

heel spur symptoms said...

Consult with a podiatrist on the best remedy for your pain. You can also maintain the right posture to avoid injury.