Equipment Review: Jeff Galloway's RunWalkRun Timer

Jeff Galloway invented the RunWalkRun method in which a person alternates running/jogging and walking. I've been using that method for several months, and I've had a hard time gauging how long I've been running and how long I should walk. I've resorted to counting steps, that is, counting the number of times my left-foot hits the ground. That method has worked OK for me, although if I stopped to talk to someone or to watch wildlife, or if my mind wandered, I would often forget where I was in my counting. Now, a high-tech solution to the problem is available.

Jeff Galloway has introduced his RunWalkRun Timer. I've purchased the timer and found it works well! The device has two modes -- lap timer and stopwatch. I haven't tried the stopwatch mode yet, and I'll report on that at a later date.

The lap timer has two modes -- a single lap and two laps. I bought the timer to use it in the two-lap mode, one lap for running and one for walking. I won't go through the details of pushing buttons to operate the device since the user instructions supplied with the counter do that. Instead, I'll describe the features available.

The desired lengths (in minutes and seconds) of the two laps can be entered, and when the timer is started, it counts for the amount of time entered for that lap, and then the other lap begins to count. An optional audio/vibration signal is given to indicate the change from one lap to the next. The signal can be a louder beep, a softer beep, a vibration, or both the beep and the vibration, and it can last for 2, 5, or 9 seconds.

For example, I have my timer set to 1:10 and 1:00 for the two laps, and a change-signal of 2 seconds. I run for the first lap of a minute and 10 seconds. I then get the change signal (the beep and vibration), and I walk for a minute. After I get another change signal, I begin running for another 1:10. I have the number of repetitions set to 99, the maximum allowed. If my workout exceeds 99 repetitions, I can press and hold the Start/Stop button to stop the counter and then press the Start/Stop button to begin a new group of 99 repetitions. Similarly, if I stop to watch wildlife or to talk to someone, I can pause the timer. When I'm ready to continue my workout, I can continue the lap where the timer was paused. The Stop/Start button isn't labeled, but it is on the right edge of the counter.

Jeff Galloway's timer only comes in green. If you want a different color, go to the Gymboss site.

The timer has a strong clip to hold the device to your clothes. The device runs on 1 AAA battery (not supplied).

3/29/2011 The change signal beeps twice for each second.

2/6/2021 I've been using the timer for about two years, and it works fine. I really like it

2/12/2021 The plastic button on the end of the timer that is used to start the timing scrapes the side of the hole for the button, and after about two years, I pushed the button in and it wouldn't come out. I took the cover off (two screws) and scraped the sides of the hole to make it a bit bigger. The timer works now. The electronics work fine. Even though I had to enlarge the hole in the plastic housing, I like the timer and recommended it to all who run Galloway's Run/Walk/Run.

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