Runner's Knee From Running

Runner's knee is a common injury. It is pain on either side of the knee, and it can happen to runners, tennis players, basketball players, etc. Dr. Murray Weisenfeld, in his book The Runner's Repair Manual, says it can happen to beginning runners, but the symptoms frequently occur when you extend your mileage. The pain may not occur until after you've completed your run, or even the next day.

Weisenfeld says you may feel the pain during the following conditions.
  • Running downhill
  • Walking down stairs
  • Walking around after you've been sitting a while
He suggests that you take your own "running history" to understand the possible conditions in your running that might have caused the injury.
  • Running on banked surfaces
  • dramatic increases in mileage
  • A lot of hill work
  • Wrong type of shoes
If you've got runner's knee, your foot is probably built in such a way that it makes a wrong movement every time it hits the ground...This makes your shin bone move wrong and your knee move wrong. Those wrong moves are what's causing the pain.
Weisenfeld devotes seven pages to runner's knee, including short-term and long-term first aid. My stretching-picture page includes the knee stretches recommended by Weisenfeld for runners knee (toe press, inner, outer thigh).

Runner's Knee is only one type of knee problem. Here are some links about other knee problems.


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Pain Free Runner said...

I had to stop running because of the pain in my knee due to patellofemoral syndrome (runners knee) and because of a chance meeting at a business lunch I am running again pain free. I met a lady who invented a rehabilitate knee brace that helped her get out of a wheelchair. The knee brace realigns the upper and lower leg, relieves pain and retrains the muscles of the knee. I wear knee brace when I run and when I am physically active and have not had any pain or swelling. The brace is call In the Groove and I ordered it on the website: The brace stopped my pain and I wanted to pass this information on so others can continue to run pain free.

Rhys said...

I was diagnosed with runner's knee in my early 30s. It got worse over time. Then I developed lower back pain as a result of poor running form. I tried braces, wraps, rings, etc.

Then I got a referral to a physical therapist. I did the prescribed regular, disciplined, specific exercises to rebalance my leg muscles, and I am 98% cured of both the knee and back problems. It is amazing. I am now a big believer in: (i) PT; and (ii) patience. There are no quick magic pills.

Rafi said...

I have a few friends who, due to ITB injuries from running, switched to running in Vibram FiveFinger shoes, and they were able to run pain free. I am no doctor, but I have seen it, and heard of it from others, often enough that it seems the adjusted gait caused by the "barefoot", or minimalist, running avoids the stress on the band.

If that is a recurring injury in a runner, of if you are seriously sidelined because of it, switching to Vibrams might be a solution worth considering.

Knee Painer said...

Running is my habit. but pain knee slowly prevent me from running. all day I have to do some light exercises such as Partial Squats, Side-Lying Leg Lifts, Inner-Thigh Leg Lifts, Step-Ups. It really makes good result

[email protected] said...

Knee Painer, your stretching will help your knees more than you realize. In addition to the stretches you're doing, you might consider the ones I do, as shown on my page of pictures of stretches (row 4). Hip exercises are important, because your hips control the movement of the knee cap.