Shoe Review: Saucony ProGrid Triumph 8

The Saucony ProGrid Triumph 8 shoes that I'm testing came on Presidents Day via UPS. I wore them around the house for a few minutes and then went for a two-mile run/walk. No blisters, no tender spots. No loose laces. That run was limited to 2 miles due to my schedule not due to my wanting to break in the shoes. The shoes are size D wide, the same as my dress shoes.

The Triumph 8 shoe is described by Saucony as a neutral shoe having the following characteristics.
  • Provides the most plush ride ever
  • Incredible cushioning and flexibility for a very responsive ride
  • Ultimate transition from heel strike to toe-off
I chose neutral because I supinate, and neutral shoes are recommended for supinators. I'll be running with these shoes for several weeks and will update this review as I get more miles on the shoes.

2/26/2011 I've worn these shoes for several miles, my maximum run being 5.5 miles. During the first mile, the shoes felt stiff and put pressure at one spot on my left foot. During the next 6 or 7 miles, the shoes did feel slightly tight, but during today's run they felt great. It just took a few miles for the shoes to "break in". It's important to me that I be able to do my normal runs in new shoes "right out of the box", and even though they were a bit tight during the first few miles of use, no blisters or tender spots were created, and I think these shoes would be satisfactory for running "out of the box".

02/28/2011 During my run two days ago, I twice noticed a cold feeling on my toes when I ran through slushy snow, indicating some of the slush had soaked into the shoe and through my sock. So, today I conducted a "scientific" experiment to see how well the shoes repelled water on top of the toe box. I poured a teaspoon of water on the toe box. Most of the water ran off but some of it did soak into the toe box, and I could feel that the material was wet when I put my hand inside the shoe. As I found out during my run two days ago, this could be a problem if the shoes are worn during rain or snow storms or you run through rain puddles or slushy snow.

03/07/2021 I ran for about 20 minutes in a rain storm that became a snow storm before I stopped running, and when I got home and took off the shoes, my stockings were damp, and the inside of the toe box felt wet. This confirms the water test I did on 02/28/2011 that indicated the shoes let water soak into the toe box. I don't think a lot of water is getting into the toe box, but it is enough is to dampen my stockings.

04/12/2021 Today was the 100 mile anniversary for these shoes. I've enjoyed wearing them. They are comfortable and have provided good cushioning for my feet. The longest run I've made in the shoes is 6.5 miles.

07/04/2022 I finished my run today and have reached 500 miles on these shoes. I'm retiring the shoes from running and will use them as my everyday walking shoes. The shoes were comfortable for running, and I'm looking forward to using them as my walking shoes. These shoes have given me good service. I had no blisters or other injuries from them. My only complaint about them is the thinness of the black rubber on the heels. I'm trying to become a mid-foot striker, but I still do heel strikes. I alternate running and walking, and the heel striking may be from my walking. I don't know. At any rate, the heels are worn through the black rubber and into the blue rubber. The black rubber was only about 1/16 inch thick.

03/10/2021 These shoes have served me well as my everyday shoes, and I'm retiring them to be my garden and yard-work shoes. The shoes I've been running in are now my everyday shoes, and I have a new pair of shoes for my running.

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