Book Review: You Know You Are A Runner

There is a new book called "You Know You Are A Runner" that consists of humorous cartoons about runners. I've only seen the first two pages plus the cover, and the cartoons are well-done and bring out some of the idiosyncrasies of us runners. Based on the cover, I'm not a runner, because even after 40 years of running, I still can't drink while I run (I walk through the water-stops), but based on the second page, I'm definitely a runner. I guess runners are a strange breed of humans, and we do have a lot of strange behaviors. It's good to stop and take a look at ourselves and laugh at ourselves as others are probably doing. This book will give us a lot of good opportunities to laugh at ourselves as we enjoy being runners!

ISBN-10: 1909943002
ISBN-13: 978-1909943001


albina N muro said...

It might be from running - too much, too fast, bad form - maybe it’s due to some other activity you’ve done, but it’s there. You’re frustrated by the feeling of pain and can’t stop thinking about what’s happening. Germaine Zinck

Kanmani E said...

Good one :)