The Warm-Up Phase of Running

Before you start running, you should warm your body and get it ready for the stress of running. Proper warm-up consists of walking and light jogging to get your body started in adjusting to the stress of running, some light stretching, and then more light walking and light jogging to finish getting your body ready for the stress of your running or walking. Slowly increase your speed until you reach your desired pace for the run. The following site discusses this in detail.

This video illustrates the principles of warming up.

Here is another site that gives good ideas on warming up.


Agility Drills said...

I read doing dynamic stretches before a workout is a good way to warm up and reduce the risk of injury

Allen said...

I've never done dynamic stretches, because I was born with a skeleton that doesn't move much (a specialist examined my feet and said I had the opposite of double joints), but dynamic stretches have one big advantage over the static stretches I do: Dynamic stretches move the muscles. But, we need to keep in mind that any stretches done before a workout, when muscles are "cold", must be done carefully and gently without a lot of stress on the muscles, such that the drills themselves don't cause injury.

Thanks, AD, for the link to a great site on dynamic drills

[email protected] home workouts reviews said...

Many people these days don't care anymore about the importance of stretching and warming up before jogging. This is a great post so people know the importance of it to avoid injuries. Thanks a lot.