Equipment Review: Go>ID

Go>ID is an ID tag that can be used on shoes, watches, backpacks, keychains, and zippers. The ID tag consists of a metal tag that is mounted on the back of a watch or that fits inside a silicone protective cover for use with shoes, backpacks, key chains, etc. The ID information is printed on a vinyl sticker that is then attached to the metal tag. I followed the instructions given in the Go>ID website and successfully made the tag. I initially thought I would put the tag on the back of my watch, but the tag would be attached directly to the watch without being inside the protective silicone cover, and I was wondering whether the vinyl sticker containing my information would survive being against my skin, especially during summer months when I sweat a lot. Also, I wear my watch in the shower, and I wondered if the shower water would cause the vinyl sticker to become detached from the metal tag. I thus chose to put the tag on my running shoe. I will need at least a year of use to see if the tag does survive the hot and cold temperatures from running year around through rain, snow and puddles of water. Russell Kahn, founder of Go>ID, has recently assured me via email that the vinyl stickers will not become detached from the metal tag or become non-readable.

I found the instructions for making the tag to be complicated, especially in comparison with ID tags made by other companies. The instructions are a step by step sequence of tasks, and because I'm an engineer and am used to serial instructions, I was able to follow the instructions, but many runners are not used to that approach to completing tasks and may find the instructions confusing to understand and follow.

The ID information is printed twice. The first printing is on regular paper to insure that the information will fit on the vinyl sticker that is affixed to the metal tag, and the second printing is to put the information on the sticker. Rather than having to print my ID information twice and then sticking the vinyl paper on a metal tag. I would prefer to have the information engraved on the metal tag. I like the idea of filling out a form with my information at the time I order the tags and then receiving in the mail the tag ready for use. Mr. Kahn said they are planning an option to have the company print the ID information and send the tag to the purchaser.

The Go>ID is an interesting and useful product, because runners and walkers do need to have ID with them. Persons who change their ID information can print new vinyl stickers and affix them to the metal tag, using the two extra vinyl stickers that come with the tag. However, a person might need more stickers, and I did not see any way on the website that people can order additional stickers. I wonder how many times one can put new stickers on top of older stickers and still have the stickers remain attached to the metal tag and remain legible during several years of service.

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Rich in KY said...

I purchased a Road ID for my wife and me. There are many different options but I got the middle of the road nylon strap and aluminum tag for about $24. It's light and washable.

You get 6 lines, I got:
Name / birth year
City, state, zip
Wife's cell
Son's cell
" No medical allergies "
Visit them at