Music Review: Triumphant

Jerald Simon is a runner and a professional musician. His song, Triumphant, was written for runners and other athletes to help them train for their sport. It has a relatively fast tempo and is pleasant to listen to. It reminds me of Chariots of Fire. I don't listen to music while I run, so I can't give a review based on personal experience, but I do enjoy listening to it!

Jerald said the following about Triumphant.

I first wrote the piano version of "Triumphant" in 2009 and came out with the book "Triumphant" in 2010 featuring 10 original piano solos in a similar style as Triumphant. I have orchestrated and arranged all 10 of the piano solos which will be combined in an album titled: "Triumphant" as well. Each of the 10 pieces has been fully orchestrated and is in a "New Age Classical Pop" style of music (my own terminology, of course). The second book in the "Triumphant" series is being released in 2013 featuring 10 additional original piano solos in the same style (all will eventually be orchestrated and combined in an album).

The music in "Triumphant" was written to motivate and inspire individuals to excel and do their best. The music is fun to play on the piano. For listening purposes, the music is ideal for anyone working out, exercising, running, training, or conditioning (it was written with runners and athletes in mind). It's ideal for everyone and naturally focuses the listener on accomplishment, being purpose driven, and motivated to excel, succeed, and do the very best they can.

Later when I orchestrated and arranged the additional instruments, I wanted to keep the tempo, beat, and movement of the piece pushing the listener on as if they were training and pushing themselves to accomplish more, be more, achieve their dreams, and succeed.

Here is a youtube video about Triumphant. Take a listen and see if it will help you train.

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