Book Review: My Best Race

Chris Cooper has published another book on running. The book is published as an ebook, and the following comments are from
"Such wonderful and inspiring stories by a diverse group of runners - bravo!" - Ryan Lamppa, Media Director of Running USA.
"My Best Race is a fascinating and fresh look at competitive running. The book surprises and motivates with a lesson in every chapter.  A brilliant idea for a book, it's well written and a compelling read from start to finish." - Jon Sinclair, former USA Cross Country and 10K champion, RRCA Hall of Famer

Every runner that enters a race has a unique reason for competing: racing for the challenge, for the achievement, for the health benefits, or for more personal reasons. But whether they are twenty-mile-a-day elite marathoners or twenty-mile-a-week recreational runners, each of them can invariably point to a singular performance as “the best race I ever ran.” 

MY BEST RACE is a collection of those singular performances.  In this inspirational collection, fifty runners, from Olympians and World Champions, to courageous disabled athletes and middle-of-the-packers, share their personal accounts of what they consider the best race they ever ran...and why.
I enjoyed reading about some of my heroes in running. Their best races weren't necessarily the races that brought them to world-attention but were the races that challenged them as runners and people. We all need heroes, people who have accomplished the "impossible" and who motivate us to do better. This book tells why those runners are heroes.

A free reader for the ebook can be obtained from Adobe. The book is available from Amazon, either as a Kindle edition or an audio book.

ISBN: 978-1-62681-016-7

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