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Running creates stress and is thus destructive. Our bodies respond to the stress by strengthening themselves. However, this strengthening does not occur during the running; it occurs during rest after the running. Thus, to prevent  injuries, we must have sufficient rest that our bodies can strengthen themselves and eliminate the stress. If we don't have sufficient rest, residues of stress remain and accumulate, and eventually this stress will cause injuries. Many running injuries can be avoided if we have sufficient rest, if we keep our training within the capabilities of our bodies to handle stress, and if we stretch to strengthen our muscles. For suggestions on preventing injuries, see my page Preventing Injury.

In this section, I am giving descriptions of common running injuries; the descriptions are paraphrases from The Runners Repair Manual, by Dr. Murray F. Weisenfeld, and from various web sites. Because that book is copyrighted and is still being sold, I will not give the stretch exercises and treatment that Weisenfeld recommends for the injuries. The book can be purchased for less than $11 at Amazon.

The RICE procedure can be used for several days after an injury to reduce swelling, to control pain, and to promote healing.

bulletR -  Rest
bullet -  Ice
bulletC -  Compression
bulletE -  Elevation

Rest to allow your body to begin the healing process. Stop all activities that cause pain.

Ice for 15 or 20 minutes at a time during the first 24 - 48 hours after the injury; keep a cloth between the ice and your skin.

Compress the injured muscles with an elastic bandage.

Elevate the injury area to increase blood circulation. Raise the injured part above the heart.

If you're like me and aren't familiar with anatomical terms, refer to Arnold's Glossary of Anatomy.

bulletPreventing Injury
bulletAchilles Tendonitis
bulletGroin Pull
bulletHeel Spurs
bulletIT Band
bulletPlantar Fasciitis
bulletRunner's Knee
bulletShin Splints
bulletShort Leg

More to be added...

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