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IT Band

A common injury that is due to overuse or "doing too much" is the Iliotbial Band Syndrome, commonly referred to as an IT Band injury. The IT Band is a thick muscle that extends from the hip to the outside of the knee. This muscle helps to stabilize the knee and to rotate the foot during heel/foot strike and toe-off. The IT Band rubs against a bone that is just above the knee and can become inflamed.

 IT Band injuries can have several causes, including the following.

bulletIncreasing mileage too quickly.
bulletRunning too fast for the current body condition.
bulletRunning on roads with a curvature or crown such that the same leg is always on the outside of the road.
bulletInsufficient stretching of the IT Band and hip-related muscles.
bulletExcessive pronation and not wearing proper shoes.

Treatment does not involve surgery. It does involve physical therapy, flexibility and strengthing stretches for the hip and knees, getting proper shoes or orthotics, rest from running, and a slow, gradual return to running.

CAUTION: Do not try to run through the pain of an IT Band injury!! You may make the injury worse, and it could become chronic.

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