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A Tribute to Dr. George Sheehan

The Basics of Jogging

Dr. George Sheehan was medical columnist for Runner's World for several years and was an active runner and writer about running. One of his essays was called "The Basics of Jogging: How Fast, How Far, How Often?". That essay was the first article I read in the running literature, and I received it at the first meeting of the Digital Running Club in Maynard, Massachusetts in1976. The essay was pure common sense, and I've followed his advice for over 30 years and have enjoyed running injury free. I'll be eternally grateful to "Doc" Sheehan for his guidance.

As a tribute to George Sheehan, I've posted that essay in this site for all to read and enjoy (additional essays by "Doc" Sheehan are at georgesheehan.com).

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