No Commercial IDs

I've been getting spam comments, and I've decided to implement a policy that will help reduce those comments. A common practice among spammers is to choose comment IDs that advertise commercial products. The spammers leave general comments such as "Avoid injury when you run", and their comments include their IDs which are links to their product-sites. All persons who visit this site are invited to leave comments about their experiences in running, walking, or cross training, but comments that include links to commercial sites (whether in their IDs or in the text of the comments) may be deleted.

If your ID links to your commercial site, I suggest that you list (for free) your site in my List Your Site page, and that you post comments to pages in this site with your personal name (not your company name) but with no link to a website, or that you log in Anonymously to post your comment. Also, don't put links to commercial sites in the text of your comment.

Please read the introduction to that page before you list your site.