Want To Be A Guest Author For This Site?

This site is a training site and has an overall goal of helping runners and walkers of any age or gender be free of injuries. Because it is a training site, the articles give a lot of detail rather than just overviews of the topics, and they give their information from the viewpoint of a runner or a walker rather than from the viewpoint of non-runners. Each article is unique, in that it presents information that isn't duplicated by other articles. In addition, the articles are not in chronological order as one would expect in a blog. The articles are in topical order, because the site is actually a traditional website that uses a blog format to allow visitors to leave comments on the articles. The site is, in effect, an interactive online book about running, from the viewpoint of an active runner, walker, or specialist in the topic proposed.

Persons who would like to author articles for this site must have real-life experience with their proposed topics,  and they must be active runners, walkers, coaches, doctors, or health specialists. If the authors represent a commercial company or website, their bio can contain one link to their website. Also, one link to their website can be contained in the text of the article if the page gives important tutorial information about the topic being discussed, but the link can not be to a product page of their site.

If you would like to author articles for this site, please review the articles already in the site and send me the following information.
  • Your proposed name of your article.
  • Reasons why you think your article would contribute unique and appropriate information to the site.
  • A 100-word (or more) synopsis of your article.
  • Suggestions where in the list of articles your article might be located; give the names of the articles that would be immediately before and after your article. The list of articles is given at the bottom of the left-sidebar under the heading Site Pages.
  • Your bio that describes your experience with your topic.
There are no charges for these articles and, no money is paid for the articles.