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Running Podcast

Running Injury Free

One of the new and popular, technologies on the Internet is podcasting. The name, podcasting, comes from the Apple iPod, and it consists of the use of audio MP3 files to convey information. The podcaster records his or her message, perhaps adding music to enhance the spoken word. The MP3 files are placed on a server and are available for download over the Internet. The downloads can be to the Windows Media Player or to the Apple iTunes player for listening via your computer sound system.  Persons having iPods or portable MP3 players can sync the files to their portable players. However, you don't need an iPod or MP3 player to listen to the podcasts.

Some podcast servers give links to the MP3 files and allow you to directly access the MP3 files. Other servers only make available the address of the "feed" for the podcast. The "feed" is a software interface (RSS) to the MP3 files that allows a podcast receiver to play the files. The receiver program allows you to "subscribe" to the podcasts of your choice, and it checks the subscriptions regularly for new podcasts. When new podcasts are found, they are downloaded for your use. You can schedule the receiver to download during the night while you're asleep, and the new podcasts will be available when you wake up.

My podcast, called Running Injury Free, has its RSS "feed" at the following address.


To subscribe to my podcast, just give your receiver program that address. The RSS "feed" has all of the information needed by the receiver program to set up the subscription and to scan the podcast for new posts. You can program the receiver to periodically scan for new podcasts and to automatically push them to your MP3 player software on your computer.

So far, I've published the following episodes:

bullet Getting Started
bullet Long Slow Distance
bullet Your Running Pace
bullet Stretch Your Muscles
bullet Warm Up -- Cool Down
bullet Run heavy/light
bullet The 10% Rule
bullet Stress: Running Destroys Your Body

Here are links for popular receiver programs.

iPodder http://www.ipodder.org/directory/4/ipodderSoftware
jPodder http://www.jpodder.com/
iTunes http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/
PPR http://www.primetimepodcast.com/blog/Default.aspx?tabid=38
Doppler http://www.dopplerradio.net/?page_id=64
iPodderX Macintosh: http://ipodderx.com/

The music in my podcasts is from Craig Larson at larsonjazz.com

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