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Pictures of Stretch Exercises
Stretch without Pain

Remember the cardinal rule of stretching: You should feel no pain, that is, don't stretch so hard that you injure yourself! It's ok to feel stiffness while you stretch, but not pain as in "injury". When you stretch, hold each position for about 20 seconds and then relax. Repeat as many times as you'd like.

Click a picture for a larger view.

Both calves

One calf

Other calf

One Soleus

Other soleus

One quad

Other quad

One ham

Other ham

Right ITB, slight lean to left

Left ITB, slight lean to right

One side buttock

Other side buttock

Inner thigh & knees

Outer thigh & knees

Foot press - knees & anterior muscles

Other foot press - knees & anterior muscles

Leg lift - quad

Other leg lift - quad

Sit up up: arms straight

Sit up down: head/shoulders off ground

Relax back

Lower back

Lower back

Lower back

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