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Training Details

The techniques that we follow in our training determine to a large extent our success as runners and our success at remaining injury-free. This section links to pages that describe the techniques we should follow in our running.
bullet Stretching
bullet Long Slow Distance
bullet Speed Training
bullet Running Hills
bullet Peaking in Performance
bullet Training Paces
bullet Stride Rate and Length
bullet Foot Strike
bullet Negative Splits
bullet Tapering Before a Race
bullet Lactate Threshold
bulletRun the Tangents
bullet Overtraining

Many runners keep a log or diary of their running. By having the diary, they are able to review their workouts and races and thus learn from their experiences. A training diary can be anything from handwritten notes to a training blog to an online training log that provides graphs and statistics. Following are links to free online training diaries.

bulletCool Running Log
bulletRun Orgy
bullet RunStoppable
bullet MarathonGuide

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